Who is The Mystery Lady?

CEO - Edward Samuel

     The Mystery Lady was one of the originators of “Soul Blues Music” in the mid 1990's. With her smooth sultry vocals and seductive writing style, it was truly a mystery when she arrived on the scene in 1996 with her debut album “Midnight Run”. One of the first DJ's to open the Mystery Lady's complete package was Mr Danny Jones (WBAD) in Greenwood Mississippi. At the time Mr Jones was bombarded with many packages from aspiring artist seeking to be played on his afternoon show featuring blues music. One particular package continued to catch Mr Jones eyes, a Large package from The Mystery Lady. After several days Danny finally opened the package and inserted the debut Cd entitled “Midnight Run”. Danny later informed the Mystery Lady that every song played was catchy but when # 4 titled “I hear you knockin” burst through his studio monitors, he knew it was a Hit. Due to the holiday season Mr Jones informed TML that he would play her CD on his show in the upcoming weeks.

     The Arrival was destined to begin after the radios phone lines erupted after Mr Jones played “I hear you knockin” for the first time. Callers were delighted and spoke of this song as a breath of fresh air. Other radio personnel from local stations in Mississippi began to inquire how they can get the album. After a while it was the domino effect, radio stations, nightclubs, cars, and home stereo's were playing many tunes from “Midnight Run”. This CD was special and loaded with variety. Slow jams like “Slip away tonight”, uptempo “Bad situation” and the Groovy title song “Midnight Run” rounded this masterpiece out. Midnight Run spread throughout the southern loop and didn’t stop there. The Mystery Lady began to hit in her local market in Chicago, as Mr A (WNIB) began to play a mirage of different tunes to his late night listeners. TML continued her spread through the Midwest as she reached new audiences in Saginaw/ Flint Michigan, DJ Kirk Roby ( ) began heavy rotation. Many jukeboxes in the southern and Midwest states played “Midnight Run” in local bars and clubs. What made the Mystery Lady unique to the masses exposed to her music, was her smooth sexy voice, original music arrangements, and her strait forward in your face lyrics.

     Many Dj's were astonished with TML's personal communication. TML would personally call radio personalities and thank them for supporting her music and frequently do live interviews unlike many other artist. Clubs began calling Monaro Records, The Mystery Lady's co owned independent label (Edward Samuel-President) for live performances. From Greenville MS, Talahase FL, to Flint Michigan and other viable destinations TML not only performed her songs but enhanced them with outstanding stage presence.

     After the Success of Midnight Run, fans were anticipating new music from TML. After two years of sweat and dedication TML took a break from live performances to focus on her next project. Her sophomore album titled “Burning for ya love” was in the making. TML teamed up with her original producer and son (Edmonzo Samuel) and (Pervis Samuel) to begin her new Journey. In the summer of 1999 countless hours were dedicated to the production and writing of her second Masterpiece. Burning for ya love like Midnight Run had a diverse group of songs. After the completion many Djs were shocked but not surprised that TML struck gold once again. Songs such as Share my Bed, Jealous Man, and Wrong Draws, gave fans what they were waiting on. Some Dj's stated to TML that with the amount of great songs on her two albums, she could have stretched it over a 10 year span. The Mystery Lady responded with “ I want for my fans to enjoy all of my songs. If I don’t love it, I wont record it!”. The Mystery Lady has class, integrity, and talent. In the music business that takes you a long way.

     It had been quite some time since TML has released any new material, Until late 2011 in her normal mysterious approach she delivered a brand new single titled “It aint you”. This song brings you the purest elements that her music always provides. Great Music, Outstanding writing, and powerful delivery has been TML proven formula of success. This song instantly makes you want to get up and dance, from beginning to end. TML has decided to only release singles at this time and encourages you to join Themysterylady fanpage on facebook. On behalf of The Mystery Lady and Monaro Records we graciously thank you for taking time out to visit our page and ask that you help spread Good Music. GOD Bless You All.